Hi, my name is Chris

I help people create
extraordinary results.

Forget good. Forget great.

Extraordinary is possible...
and cheaper than you think.

Show Me Extraordinary

Some results I have created.


  • Rebuilt dying app that slowed to a crawl for 2,000 users to handle over 1 million users lightning fast
  • Sped up sluggish data-heavy app by 100x with a 20x smaller codebase and 1000x smaller database
  • Ditched broken code from $300k and thousands of hours of wasted outsourced development, created a launchable product for $50k


  • Grew app from hundreds of users to hundreds of thousands organically
  • Channel reached the front page of YouTube with millions of views
  • Startup with no funding secured contracts with sponsors and partners from website’s proof-of-concept alone


  • Featured in TechCrunch, the leading tech industry news site with tens of millions of hits monthly
  • Funding campaign kickstarted over $500k
  • Turned around company facing bankruptcy and moved them to profitability

Some ways I can help you.


I can show you how to
plan, create and grow.


Everything I advise on
I can do myself from scratch.


Want to learn what I know?
Let me teach you.

Some things I can do.


  • Project Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing


  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Desktop Development


  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Film & Photography

Some perks you'll get with me.

week guarantee
No more waiting months for progress.
Whenever you need me, I'm there.
I make sure the process is easy for you.
I take care of problems,
you make the money.
Oh these guys have Chris Mwakasisi doing the tech?
Then we're done here. These guys are set.
Let's get them going.
David B, Venture Incubation Network
Business jargon has become the new standard when working with consultants. Chris doesn't know jargon; he only knows results. Get ready.
Dan K, Serial Entrepreneur
Chris is an innovator and leader in his field. His services extend far beyond web design and he is an asset to have on any business team. I would confidently recommend him to any of my colleagues.
Brent M, Medical Practice
F****** awesome! Amazing work Chris!
Lets get you to the Facebook meeting.
Mark S, Serial Entrepreneur
I have been very pleased with the quality of work and quickness in updates.
With his designs and consulting expertise, Chris has helped us reach our goals of connecting with private equity firms.
Nate P, Private Equity Firm

Some places I've been mentioned.


Some people I've helped.

University of Michigan
American Student Dental Association

Kalamazoo Public Schools
State of Michigan Government
Michigan Private Equity