Who We Are

Impossible Results. Delivered.


That's the usual response we get after finishing a project. From both our clients and, more importantly, their competitors. That is what we strive for.

We are CHMW, a full-service consulting agency that focuses on creating impossible results through intelligent automation.

What is impossible?

Impossible is executing so well that the results make you rethink what should be possible.

Impossible is projects that regularly finish ahead of schedule and under budget.

Impossible is a small team doing what took a team ten times the size to do before.

Impossible is having more free time but growing your business faster.

Impossible is breaking records with every client.

Impossible is never having to worry about a project again.

Forget good. Forget great. Impossible is what we do.

How do you achieve impossible?

Step 1: Hire the best.

We hire only top 1% talent.

Clients trust us with more than just projects; they trust us with their livelihoods. Our work impacts business owners, their employees, and their families. So we have incredibly high standards to make sure we can always deliver for them.

We have a rigorous screening process for talent. Our research has identified better, nontraditional indicators of success. We look for people with growth potential. We accept less than 1% of applications.

Step 2: Make them better.

We invest in research and our people.

The business, tech, and design worlds are continually changing. To keep up, you have to stay on the leading edge. It is impossible to do client work 100% of the time and not become outdated. Most companies do this and wonder how they fell behind. That is why we have a dedicated research division for discovering new methods and tools for success.

Some of our research is in company culture. We believe happier people do better work. So we put all our staff on learning paths to help them achieve their own personal and professional goals on and off the job. World class performance requires two things: great talent and a culture that lets them shine, not one that holds them back.

Our Executive Team

Chris Mwak

Managing Partner, Engineering Division

Adi Gandra

Managing Partner, Engineering Division

Sergio Vazquez II

Partner, Creative Division

Josh Smithyman

Partner, Business Division

Ben Phelan

Partner, Business Division